About Us

GRACE INDUSTRIAL LTD are the Leading Unique Forklift Repaint Specialists in New Zealand.


·      EXPERIENCE: Over 20 years

·      JOB EFFICIENCY: The ability to turn around within 24 - 48 hrs

·      PRICING: Competitive Prices

·      QUALITY: Workmanship is of a high standard

·      MOBILE: We can bring our services to you

Grace Industrial Limited, trading as GPS Industrial and formally known as 'Grace Painters Ltd', was Founded in 2003 by Nick Grace, who successfully runs the expanding business with appointed Director, Carlyn Grace.

Nick Grace began spray painting forklifts in 1998, and over time his passion for the industry grew. Nick noticed the increase in this niche market and saw the opportunity to meet the demands. 

Since 2003, GPS Industrial has grown immensely within the industry and have created strong relationships with Corporate Forklift Companies within New Zealand.

GPS Industrial is working towards establishing a Training Institution to help individuals gain first hand knowledge and experience in this specified area.  This will ensure candidates acquire official completed qualifications and eventually the possibility of becoming an Owner-Operator.